The Austin Sprite AAN10 Register

Tracing the 1,022 Austin Sprites


The Austin Sprite is – in all but name an Austin-Healey Sprite MkIV. These were launched in October 1966 with its MG doppelgänger, the Midget MkIII.

The cars were powered by a redesigned version of the 1,275-cc A-series four introduced in the Mini Cooper in 1964, providing 10 fewer horsepower than the Cooper’s 75, but with greater reliability.

But by the end of 1970, with the expiration of the 20-year agreement with Donald Healey approaching, it was decided to end Healey’s meager royalty payments.

Rather than simply taking the Sprite out of production, BL did a curious thing: It rebranded the car as simply an ‘Austin’.

Only 1,022 of these Austin Sprites rolled off the assembly line between January 27 and July 6 of 1971. Aside from the badging, they had only one small difference from their Austin-Healey predecessors: Their commission numbers began with AAN, rather than HAN.

The Austin-Healey Sprite had been withdrawn from export markets in 1968-1969, and the Austin Sprite was to be sold only in the U.K., too.

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The Register

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The aim of this website is to document as many of these rare vehicles as possible; from their beginnings at the factory to their whereabouts today – or their ultimate fate.

Since 2018 we have located the following vehicles. If you don’t see your vehicle, do please get in touch!

We have an active Facebook group of owners past and present. If you are the owner of an AAN10 Sprite it would be great to hear from you. The group is called “Austin Sprite AAN10 Register”, the direct link is:

Please note: While we hold other details for some vehicles on file, such as possible owner, these will not be published online.

RegistrationChassis NumberEngine NumberColour
BBW751J  White
JRK836KAAN10 87787 G Teal blue
REY 791K4DA 87207 (!?) White
EOR 134K  Green
GLO 411JAAN 10 87200 G White
GJJ 966J  White
KGT 491K  Red
AOP 208K  Red
HUB 704K  Green
BHO 250J  Blue
AON 962K  Green
unknown  harvest gold?
759 BHG  Blue
NUC 292L  Orange
ARL 719K  Green
unknown  white
unknown  white
DUY997J  orange
CAA207KAAN10 87193 G bronze yellow
GBB534KAAN10 8***8 G RED ( orig blue)
AOX 80KAAN 10869869 Green
VOP 436JPOSSIBLE White / Green
CHY 718K  White
FTF 243JAAN101086813C12CEDAH15311 (not believed to be original)Blaze Red
AOL 380K  Red
BKD 564K  Red
CVY 390K  Blue
DSU 747X  Green
FVB 758J  Green
HPD 86K  Green
HYX 318K  Green
LRF 815K  Red
XOX 909J  White
BOE 94K  Black (reg Blue)
SEB 594K  White
OML127K  Yellow
HLY 751K  Blue
VON 540J  Yellow
XDG 799J  Red
GPH 47K  Yellow
WNG 960H  Red
XMB 636JAAN10 87529 Red
ABD 973J  Green


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